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6 nights every year as per your Membership entitlement

As a Club Vista Member you are entitled to enjoy 6 nights every year in any of our affiliated resort with your family. 

Save it

You can carry forward your entitlement to the next year if not used. You can accumulate a maximum up to 14 nights. 

Split it

You can split your 7 nights of entitlement day wise or location wise. Eg . You can enjoy 1 night in Goa in Jan and 2 nights in May and 3 nights at other destination. 

Borrow it

You can bring forward your entitlement of the next year to the present year. Eg. You can use  nights of 2022 in the year 2021.

Gift it

You can gift your entitlement to a friend or a relative. Gifting is not permitted in the peak season. 

Rent or Sell it

You can liquidate your membership nights by renting it out at a cost. You can also sell or transfer the membership. 

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